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We are dedicated to helping as many people in the community gain financial confidence through our educational seminars. Our informative sessions cover a wide range of topics, and we maintain an open learning atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease contributing their thoughts. To join us for more knowledge on personal finances, check out all upcoming seminar information below!

Everyone’s financial scenarios are uniquely different, so we strive to provide customized advice that aligns with individual investment goals and risk tolerances. Whether you’re near or far from retirement, we offer thorough guidance & personalized strategies tailored specifically for your situation. Plus, thanks to our commitment of ongoing communication and quality service – including access to reliable education materials – this is a client-advisor relationship built on trust.

Safe Estate Advisors & Educators

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Phil Wehrman

Senior Advisor/Educator

After an exemplary 8-year service to the United States Marine Corps, this veteran has spent nearly a decade helping individuals across America make well-informed decisions regarding their retirement plans. Focusing on client onboarding and financial planning design, they have diligently strived towards facilitating successful transitions into postretirement life for countless people.

John Badalamenti

Senior Advisor/Educator

John G. Badalamenti is a highly experienced financial fiduciary and instructor who serves as Chapter President of COFE in the Southeast Michigan & Northeast Ohio Regions. As owner and president of Safe Estate, LLC, he operates under LARA (Dept. of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs) while advising clients with expertise gained from over 30 years experience in finance and insurance within the state of Michigan where he holds his resident license NPN number 7618505. With this extensive knowledge base at hand, John works solely to provide superior advice on all aspects related to wealth building strategies for individuals seeking peace-of-mind about their finances now ––and into retirement––for many prosperous years ahead!

Safe Estate Services


Take a deep dive into your financial future and start working towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Analyze where you are currently at in terms of your finances as well as what level of risk makes sense for you to be comfortable with. Using this information, we can design and build a personalized portfolio suitable just for you! And lastly, it’s vital that we remain continuously connected so that together we can review how the investments are performing while regularly updating objectives accordingly to keep things on-track going forward.


It’s essential to plan ahead for a comfortable financial future. Let us help you evaluate your income needs and devise the right distribution strategies – whether in employer retirement plans, IRAs or otherwise – that will ensure long-term stability. We want to highlight ways you can reach new milestones with confidence!


Are you confident your estate plan is secure? We can help ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken to properly protect and transfer assets for now, as well as provide guidance in what to do if a loved one passes away. Our experts will review your concerns, beneficiary designations, asset titling and more – saving you from any unfortunate surprises down the road.


Are you ready for today’s financial landscape and beyond? We provide a comprehensive assessment of your finances with budgeting, cash flow planning and risk management. Plus, we can offer solutions such as creative wealth transfer strategies that will help secure the future of those most important to you. Education financing options can bring peace-of-mind while our long term care needs analysis provides guidance on hedging against unforeseen circumstances down the road. Did someone mention taxes? Count on us for tax optimization opportunities tailored to suit your individual goals! And if business succession is in order – no problem – let’s find a path forward together so you never miss an opportunity or leave anything up in the air when it comes to realizing success now…and into retirement!

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